Pitti Immage 2019- Fashion event - Pitti Man June 11th-14th -Pitti Kids 20-22nd June 2019

Pitti Immagine Is one of the most important evnnt in Florence. It takes place at the Fortezza Da Basso on January and on June . The engaged drivers will be at disposal of everybody who wants to take part of this fair. With transfers between Hotels - Fortezza da Basso - Locations of the different partys organized by the fashion company involved in the fair.
Beside all the evergreen brands many new concept ones will exhibit .
Eastpak,Ernesto, Cottweiller for Allegri, Lardini, Brooksfield, Tumi, Boglioli, A.TP.CO, Esemplare, Harvest Label, Schneiders, Griffin, Sease, Descente Allterrain,
More Fashion events:
Beside those two main appointments there are more dates during the year worthy to participate
Pitti Taste
The fair is about meetings , congresses, expositions, taste experiences about the enogastronomic world. Outside the fair , in the city of Florence Restaurant, wine bar, shops, museums partecipate on their way to the fair welcoming people with tasting and special menu.

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Shore excursions from Leghorn ( Livorno )- La Spezia- Civitavecchia( Rome) and Naples harbours .

Dedicate to groups up to 8 people .
Cruisers who are taking part of a Cruise on the Mediterranean Sea .
If they book all 3 shore excursions from La Spezia or Livorno harbour + Civitavecchia (Rome) harbour + Naples harbour
The transportation company offers a discount of 20% on the total ammount
This offer is valid for who confirm all 3 shore excursions within April 30th 2018
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Andrea Bocelli Concert July 28th 2018

Every year our wonderful and most important singer organize a special event in his born townat Teatro del Silenzio Lajatico . We inform our client we can prove them the transportation service from anywhere in Tuscany to Lajatico (where the concert take place). If you book this service by the end of June 2018 we will apply a discount of 10% on the original price. Contact us for more information.

Easter Offer April 1st 2018

Easter Offers !!!! For the following services required ( by cars or minivan max 8 people) in dates among March 15th and April 15th
-Transfer from Venice to Florence or VV
-Transfer from Florence to Milan or VV
We offer thepossibility to enjoy something extraordinary and make worthy the hours of driving .
Visit of the Ferrari museum in Maranello (the ticket fee is not included in the offert, must be purchase from the client once is there at the entrance). No surcharge (of course the client will pay the Museum ticket entrance)
If you prefer we can offer the visit of one of the most important balsamic vinegar cellar , we suggest the: L' acetaia Leonardi, Acetaia Bompana, Acetaia Cà Dal Lauv, Acetaia Malpighi. Than we can also suggest visits and tasting at the cheese factory producing Parmingian cheese f.e il Caseificio 4 Madonne , or in one of the cheese factorys involved in the Parmigiano Reggiano consorzium the price for the tasting and lunch is to be payed by the client but we will not surcharge for the 2 hours of disponibility will be added to the transfer .

- Transfers from Rome to Florence or VV
We offer the stop in Siena , San Gimignano or Orvieto for a couple of hours with no surcharge .

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Palio horse race in Siena July 2nd and August 16th 2018

PTT is ready to suggest you and all your collegues and friends, transportation services for the Palio horse race that takes twice a year on July 2nd and on August the 16th.
On that date is impossible to find parking place close to the centre. For this reason is a good idea book vehicle + driver taking you there and waiting till when you want. Of course arranged in advance. So you could enjoy not only the Horse race but also all the celebration at the winner contrada .


  • Dra. Maristela Azevedo

    Hello, Silvia, how are you?
    I’d like to thank you for the great time you gave us!!!We loved everything!
    I told my husband that, the next time, we will rent an  apartment in San Gimignano…and you will take us to the wineries…He loved it!
    Thank you very much for everything. It was everything wonderful!!!... Read more
  • Jaime Otero y Jose Carlos Gonzalez Bonilla

    Silvia: mille grazie per un giorno magnifico! Ha stato benissimo. We really enjoyed your company and the enthusiasm you brought to the tour. When we get back to Puerto Rico, I will look for you on Facebook.
    Jaime Otero y Jose Carlos Gonzalez Bonilla Read more
  • Shane Quintard

    Ciao Silvia!

    Grazie ancora per il grande tour di Siena e San Gimignano - io e mia moglie e amici aveva un grande momento e che era esattamente quello che speravamo! La cantina è stata una scelta eccellente, come pure! Abbiamo lasciato ieri (1 febbraio) e ha fatto arrivare a casa in modo sicuro, nonostante ... Read more
  • Carole Gaddis

    Hi Silvia,  It's so good to hear from you.  We're fine.  We had six days at home after Tuscany and then flew to South Korea for two weeks!  We've just returned, exhausted!
    We had such a great time with you, Silvia.  The tip could never be enough to show our appreciation for your kindness and help.  ... Read more
  • The British Institute of Florence

    Gentile Silvia,  La volevo ringraziare per la sua disponibilità riguardo la gita di sabato.  Le signore le hanno fatto tutte molti complimenti per la sua guida!
    Grazie e a presto,
    Cordiali saluti,
    Liz Read more
  • Mrs Elizabeth ( wedding Planner ) Original Tuscan Wedding

    Ciao Silvia,
    Ecco i complimenti dalle Sposi del 16 Ottobre!!
    Our driver Johnny was so awesome!  He drove us all over the Chianti region.  He took us to a few wineries and we had a private tour of one of the wineries including a wine tasting and oil tasting.  He even took us into a store with a cellar ... Read more
  • Mrs Sharon Bellsouth

    Yes of course I will for Sure.      You were great, Fantastic.    I told the Agency !!    Sharon Yukawa Leeds Read more
  • Daniel & Joelle Roberts

    Hello Silvia,  Joelle and I wanted to thank you for a great day last Friday.  We had such a relaxing and fun day.  Thank you for being
    our guide.  Our trip to Siena was very enjoyable. We took the 'rapida' bus from Firenze, and the 'diretta' for the return journey.
    It was good to see the countryside.  ... Read more
  • Mr Greg Cavallo

    Hope all is well with you.  The whole group misses you and talks fondly of you all the time.
    I just completed a survey about our experiences on our trip for Tuscany Now.  I mentioned your name and company website and what a great job you did for us.  I hope it gets you some new business from them. Read more
  • Karen & Jhon from Boston

    Hi Sylvia - its' hard to believe but in a few weeks it will be a year since our wonderful trip to Tuscany and our three days of touring with you. We've told many, many people about our three days touring with you in Tuscany! We love to tell the story of the guy in the Castle down the road from the Villa

    ... Read more