Fashion Tour

Itinerary no. 1
We start our tour focusing on the area nicknamed by locals as Oltrarno (beyond the Arno), traditionally considered the district of craftsmen, goldsmiths, fabric artisans etc. As the visit is supposed to involve all the five senses, we are introduced to the world of perfumes. The atelier has been existing for 20 years and it has become since then a crossroad of the colours of Tuscany and the spices, essences and influences of the Orient. We continue our tour stopping at a workshop where leather gloves are designed and manifactured since 1919. Walking towards the Pitti Palace, magnificent residence of the ruling families in Florence, we cannot miss a hat shop, whose owner has inherited this incredible passion from his mother and his aunts!
Taking one of the side streets near Pitti, we discover a unique accessory store ... maybe some of the creations can be combined with the models of a designer, whose atelier is only a block way. This lady, that thinks that fashion was for her a love choice, is convinced that fabrics talk to her! Simply wonderful!

Itinerary no. 2
Santa Maria Novella is one of the prestigious Florentine institutions: since 1221 there has always been a pharmacy annexed to the Domenican convent but the present location was inaugurated in 1612. It is a feat for the eyes and the nose, products from this perfume atelier are exported worlwide. A few steps from there, along the street of antique dealers, we discover an incredibly talented tailor, he is so proud to reveal that he needs 70 hours of work to create one of his gentleman suits!
Our next stop is the museum of the shoemaker of the dreams, Salvatore Ferragamo. Like a journey into memory, we walk down the steps leading to the well of Beatrice - Dante Alighieri's inspiring muse - to discover shoe models of movie stars, princesses, influential politicians and the history of the company.
Why not continue to dream with some jewels? We walk to the other end of Santa Trinita Bridge to admire some gorgeous creations.
If a little time is still available, it is advisable to take a glance at the most famous stationery workshop in town, producing marbled paper since 1865.


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    Hello, Silvia, how are you?
    I’d like to thank you for the great time you gave us!!!We loved everything!
    I told my husband that, the next time, we will rent an apartment in San Gimignano…and you will take us to the wineries…He loved it!
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    Cordiali saluti,
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